Insurance: A Necessity for Taking Care of Loved Ones

How can I tell if I have enough insurance?

Determining your insurance need is vital to ensure that your family is taken care of in the ways that are important to you. Your financial plan will provide guidance as to the appropriate insurance coverage for your unique circumstances. The wrong coverage could leave your loved ones without the financial means or stability that you had hoped to provide. It is quite common for individuals to find themselves desperately under-insured, or over-insured and paying exorbitant premiums. Before deciding, you should feel confident that the advice you receive is unbiased and this can only be achieved if all aspects of your financial situation are accounted for. It is also very important to regularly review your current coverage and changing needs. I would be happy to offer you a complimentary review of your insurance coverage and overall financial plan.

Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson, BBA, CFP, FCSI, CIM
Portfolio Manager & Certified Financial Advisor