Offering Cross-Border Wealth Management Solutions

Cross-Border Services

Canadians who have worked in the U.S., Americans who have worked in Canada, and anyone who has changed their residency across the border often have stranded investments. As a result, these individuals may end up using multiple Investment Advisors to manage their Canadian and U.S. accounts. Regulatory agencies are also imposing strict conditions on foreign investors and going so far as to reject long-standing clients.

There are risks of having a fragmented investment approach with cross border accounts held at various firms.

  • Transactions made in your accounts by one advisor may create significant tax implications on the other side of the border.
  • You may be exposed to unknown concentrations in certain sectors or lack diversification with important opportunities being missed.

Cadence Financial Group offers unique cross-border services for investors in both Canada and the United States. One multi-licensed Investment Advisor can be your single point of contact for your investment accounts on both sides of the border and all accounts can be held in both Canadian and U.S. dollars, avoiding foreign exchange charges. And since Raymond James (USA) Ltd. is under the umbrella of the Raymond James Financial family of companies, we are able to offer advice on both Canadian and U.S. investments.

Some of the accounts we manage for clients include:

  • RRSPs and RRIFs for Canadians living in the USA.
  • IRAs for Americans living in Canada.
  • Investments for Americans wanting Canadian securities.
  • Accounts for American-resident children of Canadian-resident parents.
  • Discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio services in both currencies.