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Cadence Financial Group, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, provides financial advice and investment planning based on its “proactive investment management” approach that combines taking measured risk and pursuing balanced returns with a view toward principal protection.

The Cadence approach is based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and matching them with tailor-made solutions that take measured risks to produce consistent returns.

How Do We Invest?

There are several aspects that make Cadence Financial Group distinct:

  • We forge strong relationships with our clients based on trust and transparent communication.
  • Instead of focusing on short-term results, we strive to match our clients’ long-term expectations and help them reach their long-term goals.
  • Our investment process involves constantly monitoring market conditions to ensure maximum protection of our clients’ savings while looking to earn a reasonable rate of return.
  • We apply a rational, consistent decision making process to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations not only in terms of investment performance but also in the overall level of service we are privileged to provide.



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