Marko Ferenc.
Marko Ferenc Associate Portfolio Manager

As the focus of the Cadence Financial Group is on active portfolio management, Marko spends his time scrutinizing developments within our existing holdings and researching new investment ideas. A major portfolio construction challenge includes the choice of asset classes and suitable individual securities within them. With his vast experience and natural contrarian instincts, Marko prefers to discover investment possibilities that have been overlooked and, perhaps, are considered to be on sale. At the same time, he never hesitates to prune equity positions as they rise in price and, conversely, decline in value.

Prior to beginning his career in the investment industry in 1999, Marko earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music composition. Marko joined Raymond James in 2009. He has successfully completed the Chartered Financial Analyst's Level 1 & 2 examinations. He is also U.S. licensed and is our resident Options expert. In addition to his research and portfolio management chores, Marko is the primary author of our Weekly Market Comment and contributes to our team’s other publications.

When not at work, Marko, who is fluent in Croatian/Serbian, is currently studying Spanish, and can be found mountain biking either on the North Shore or at Whistler. If he’s not there, he’s probably at home either listening to music or playing one of the many guitars he has collected over the years.