Advisor Managed Portfolios

Investors look to investment managers that focus on managing portfolio risk and avoid those who make a living trying to predict it.—Seth Allen

How you utilize your financial assets determines when you will be able to realize your investment goals. Whether you’re searching for investment companies in Vancouver to grow your financial resources over time, generate income for retirement or simply to preserve your financial savings for the future generations, you can trust us.

Cadence Financial Group is a boutique investment management team servicing Vancouver, and Toronto; we will act to fulfill your investment options as effectively as ours. Most people mistakenly assume that investment management is solely portfolio management, but that’s only part of it. When we provide you with advisor-managed investment solutions, we will work closely with your accounting, legal, and insurance professionals in order to help each other provide you with performance reports, financial planning and even cash flow analysis, if that is required; ensuring your financial assets are invested properly on an ongoing basis, and your annual income receives beneficial tax treatment.

Along the way, we will prioritize the goals you set and will help you allocate your resources in a manner that balances all the risks while delivering reasonable returns. We are here to help you achieve your investment objectives by creating an appropriate Cadence Portfolio that will be balanced regularly based on your needs and objectives. When we analyze your unique circumstances, we evaluate your investment objectives, your level of risk tolerance, your personal financial plan and tax affairs, and anything else that is relevant to your financial situation.

Unlike other investment companies in Vancouver, we will take what we have learned about you and thoroughly research several investment opportunities. This will be done in order to find only those that fit your bigger financial picture. We also differ from most investment firms in Vancouver because we tend to research all our investment ideas on our own, as well as with the help of third-party managers.

With our services, you will find we use a thoughtful and deliberate process in order to shrink the plethora of investment opportunities. In the end, we will select only those that pass our rigorous screening processes for capital preservation, growth potential, and income.

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