Risk Management

"The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns."
- Benjamin Graham

You are looking for effective portfolio risk management. At Cadence Financial Group, capital preservation is our key objective. In order to manage the risk and downside volatility in portfolios, we use three forms of strategic risk management. Each of these forms works towards planning, making profits and, of course, protecting those profits. Plan. Profit. Protect. Our motto encapsulates these three forms.

The first strategy we use includes employing exit strategies on all the positions we own, which we accomplish with an investment mechanism known as a ‘stop-loss’. With the help of this effective technique, we can prevent our clients from sustaining substantial losses.

Secondly, during periods of heightened market volatility and uncertainty, our team will raise additional cash in order to protect the underlining capital of portfolios.

Lastly, when we put cash to work, we spend time looking for sectors that are outperforming. In simple terms, we invest in sectors that have positive momentum. Once these sectors have been identified through our proprietary models, we individually select companies that will be best suited for each client’s personal portfolio.

What Is A Stop Loss?