Who needs estate planning? Well, the answer is everyone. With estate planning, you can create a legacy that will reflect your whole life.

Unlike many of our fellow practitioners who focus only on your present concerns, we look at your living legacy that can be passed to your successors and the charities you hold dearest. Creating an estate plan to govern the administration of your assets after you are gone will give you peace of mind that your loved ones and the causes you care about will be looked after.

How is this possible? Cadence Financial Group offers its clients estate planning in Vancouver, White Rock and the Okanagan. We are committed to helping you save and preserve your hard-earned money, and to helping you leave it to the people and charities that are most important to you. We will also help you avoid potential pitfalls of future plans.

Our dedication to helping you means that we will work with other industry professionals such as lawyers, accountants and our internal financial planning team to ensure you have the right plan in place.

With estate planning, you will be able to control the distribution of your assets. In the meantime, our estate planning team will help protect those assets. With our help, you will have certainty and control over everything you have worked for and accumulated in your life.

  • Protect Your Legacy
  • Strengthen Your Legacy

Please note that other Raymond James personnel are in the photographs above, not just the Cadence team.