2023 Outlook Webinar – Cloudy with a 50% Chance of Sunshine

Happy New Year.

When you're in the middle of it, it's often difficult to comprehend the significance of the events. As we closed out 2022, many records were set. By most measures, we experienced the worst bond market performance in over 200 years, the most rapid increase in central bank lending rates over 40 years, annual inflation rising to multi-decade highs, and one of the weakest US equity market performances outside of a recession. The historical precedence extends far beyond financial markets as geopolitical and social events also captured the headlines.

2022 was a historic year, and only in hindsight can we appreciate the magnitude of the events we've experienced. As Howard Marks of Oak Tree Capital Management recently wrote, "In my 53 years in the investment world, I've seen a number of economic cycles, pendulum swings, manias and panics, bubbles and crashes, but I remember only two real sea changes. I think we may be in the midst of a third one today." See here to read his complete note.

If you've been in the markets for a while, you'll know it's that funny time of year when the investment community attempts to predict the future. We don't want to be left out this year, so we'll throw a couple of our darts during our 2023 Outlook Webinar.

One prediction we know that will come true is that the future is uncertain. The best way to prepare for uncertainty is to understand the past and present and have a plan. With a plan, it becomes easier to navigate the twist and turns that will invariably occur in 2023.

Please join us in our 2023 Outlook Webinar on Wednesday, January 18th at 1:15pm PST where we will review where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

This webinar will be hosted by Seth Allen and Jason Castelli. Please send any questions directly to laura.furtado@raymondjames.ca. Please register online below.

Seth Allen and Jason Castelli

Please send any questions directly to laura.furtado@raymondjames.ca.

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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) & RRSP Contribution Reminder

TFSA & RRSP Reminder


  • The annual contribution limit for 2023 is $6,500, and the cumulative total as of 2022 is $88,000.
  • Investment income or capital gains generated within a TFSA is not taxable.
  • No deadline for contributions.
  • To check your TFSA contribution room, please follow the link to log on to CRA's My Account
  • Please note not all contributions or withdrawals may have been recorded with the CRA in a timely manner. If you have multiple TFSAs or past withdrawals, we suggest double-checking the contribution room against your own records.


  • Check your Notice of Assessment from CRA to find your contribution limit, or log on to CRA's My Account.
  • The contribution limit is equal to 18% of earned income in the previous year, minus an individual's pension adjustment, to an annual limit.
  • The maximum contribution for 2022 is $29.210, assuming no prior year carry-forward room exists.
  • The deadline for contributions is March 1, 2023.

To request a contribution, please email us at cadence@raymondjames.ca.

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